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Processes such as sensing, remembering, or deciding are computations accomplished through the exchange of nerve impulses by networks of neurons in the brain. Although the way in which single neurons use electrical activity to emit pulses is relatively well understood, neurons in the brain do not operate in isolation, and the trains of pulses from one neuron affect and are affected by the nerve impulses of the neurons with which it is connected. Since it is now possible to monitor the activity of hundreds of neurons simultaneously, it is becoming feasible to describe how neurons coordinate their activity in the living brain. Formulating general principles describing how neurons in key brain areas work together while animals solve specific tasks is an important step for understanding how the brain computes.

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Main Interests

Identifying generic principles governing the dynamics of cortical circuits and the way in which they produce function


Behaviour, Electrophisiology, Analysis, Theory

Models and Regions

Rodents, Humans / Auditory Cortex and Prefrontal Cortex

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